Kids Holiday Poems

Welcome to our page for Kids Holiday Poems. Below are various poems on the theme of school holiday time.

We have - "First day of the holidays", "The Church fete", "Camping Out", "On holiday with Grandma", "The roller coaster" and "It's carnival time".


First day of the holidays

I could
ride my bike,
plait my hair,
go and call on
Paul and Claire,

Clean the budgie,
walk the dog,
practise handstands,
go for a job,

Read a book,
watch TV,
help my Dad
cook the tea.

All these things
and many more
I'll do tomorrow,
that's for sure.

but today instead
I'm staying in bed!

Theresa Heine

*** Kids Holiday Poems ***

The church fete

I remember the day
that we went to the fete;
the candy-floss, ice-cream
and sweets that we ate.
I remember the donkeys
who gave us a ride;
I remember my sister got lost.
How she cried.
I remember the vicar
who gave me a prize;
how we watched Punch and Judy,
the sun in our eyes.

I remember we went
to the coconut shy.
We didn't win one
but we had a good try.
I remember the thunder,
the shower of rain
and running for home soaking wet,
down the lane.

Marian Swinger

*** Kids Holiday Poems ***

Camping Out

One night last holiday
We camped on our lawn.
We planned to stay out there
From darkness to dawn.

But at half-past ten
When the garden was black,
We rushed into the house
Shouting, 'Mum, we've come back.'

Clive Webster

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On holiday with Grandma

When we took Grandma to the beach
she dug a deep hole in the wet sand,
knocked down my row of castles,
caught red crabs in the rock pools,
went in the sea right up to her knees,
walked in some clay
so it squished through her toes,
tied long, green seaweed in her hair,
played cricket, had an ice-cream,
and threw a bucket of water over Dad.
Grandma said she had not had so
much fun for years.

Robin Melloer

*** Kids Holiday Poems ***

The roller coaster

I rode the roller coaster.
It gave me such a scare.
I thought I'd left my tummy
floating in the air.

Marian Swinger

*** Kids Holiday Poems ***

Carnival Time

Sing me a song.
Tell me a rhyme.
Dance me a dance.
It's carnival time.

Put on a costume.
Paint your face.
Beat those drums
all over the place.

Sing me a song.
Tell me a rhyme.
Dance me a dance.
It's carnival time.

Tony Mitton

*** Kids Holiday Poems ***

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