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Welcome to History Poems for Kids. Here you will find poems on which link in with QCA (Qualification & Curriculum Agency) history units of work including Henry the VIII, Tudor Exploration, Rich & Poor people in Tudor times and more...
So if you're looking for free History poems for kids to help with your lessons then look below!

Why did Henry VIII marry six times?

Henry the eighth, grand and fat
Was son of Henry seven
He became the second Tudor king
When Daddy went to heaven

A mean and greedy man
He made hard the Tudor life
Yet even nasty as he was
Made six brides his wife

Three Kaths, two Annes and a Jane
He ditched them one by one
Because Henry made it very clear
He only wants a son

The favourite, Jane, had a son
But then, alas, she died
Better than being beheaded
Lucky Katherine Parr survived

He liked to hunt and joust
And play tennis every day
He even wrote some poetry
And sang songs, or so they say

He wanted all the money
And the power in the land
So he stole from the churches
And he had the Pope banned

Two girls and a sickly boy
Was all that Henry had
The next to rule, Elizabeth,
Was more ruthless than her dad!

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