Fathers Day Poems From Kids

Welcome to Fathers Day Poems From Kids!

On this page you will free poems, rhymes and verses for kids to use on Father’s Day to let their Dad know how special he is.

So come on kids, whether you call him Daddy, Dad, Father, Pops or Papa, give him a treat and write a poem in his card to help you say “Happy Father’s Day” in a different way.

Or include a poem on a scrapbook page dedicated to the special man in your life – your teacher, playmate, taxi driver, cash machine and DIY expert!

This is for you, Dad
To let you know
That you are the very best
And I really love you so


It’s plain for all to see
I really have to say
That you are the very best
So, Happy Father’s Day!

***** Fathers Day Poems for kids *****

You’ve read me stories
And tickled my toes
Given me cuddles
And wiped my nose

You’ve played my games
Again and again
And built a go-kart,
Tree-house and den

You’ve been my taxi
And helped me learn
Given me money
Which I didn’t earn

You’ve cheered me up
Whenever I’m sad
Today is for you, ‘cos
You’re the best, Dad!


Today if I may,
I would like to say,
I love you Dad,
Happy Fathers Day!

***** Fathers Day Poems from kids *****

This is for you, Dad
For today, I won't make you sad
And I won't make you mad
Because I am so very glad
That you are my Dad


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