Behaviour Poems for Kids

These Behaviour Poems for Kids can be displayed in the classroom at the start of a new school year and chanted frequently. The Behaviour Poems can be referred to if a child ever breaks one of the ‘Golden Rules’ to remind them of the expectations in your classroom.
You could challenge the children to make up their own verse, which could be added in before the last verse, to give them ownership and to incorporate their own ideas of the right and wrong choices, linked to PSHE topics.

The Golden Rules

When speaking to others
Use a kind voice
Think before doing
And make the right choice

Follow instructions
And try your best
Do your homework
And pass the test

If you get stuck
Raise your hand
Ask for help
And you’ll be grand

When moving around
Walk, don’t run
Be respectful….

The rules are done


When the teacher talks, it's time to listen
It's how you learn at school.
Paying attention and doing your best
Are the things that make you cool.

It's not the clothes you wear,
Or the words you say,
It's the way that you behave
Which gets you on your way.

So be good in class
And remember this rhyme,
Chatting with your friends
Can wait til playtime.


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